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Frequently Asked Questions

As a sales agent, we represent the seller's interests and advise them during the sales process. Representing the interests of buyers at the same time is not allowed. 

For guidance and advice in the purchase process, it is therefore recommended to hire a purchase agent At Ligtvoet Makelaardij we can be of service to you in both the purchase and sale of your home. 

After the seller accepts an offer, the buyer and seller must agree on a number of things: delivery date, resolutive conditions, and other possible agreements about movable property. The sales broker then records these agreements in a purchase agreement. The sale is officially concluded when both parties have signed the sales agreement. 

After both parties sign the agreement, the buyer's legal cooling-off period goes into effect. Within this time, the buyer can abandon the purchase without consequences. The purchase of the home is final when this reflection period is over, provided there are no resolutive conditions. 

If you want resolutive conditions to be included in the purchase agreement, you as the buyer must include this in the negotiations. In fact, there are not automatically resolutive conditions. When buyer and seller agree on the resolutive conditions, they can be included in the purchase agreement. 

Examples of of the conditions are: 

  • Reservation on financing
    The sale will not go through when it is not possible to get a mortgage. 
  • Reservation on housing permit
    The sale will not go through if the municipality does not issue a permit. 
  • Reservation on National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG in Dutch)
    The sale will not go through if it is not possible to secure a mortgage with NHG. 
  • Reservation on building inspection
    The sale will not go through if a building inspection shows disappointing results. 
  • Reservation on modification property
    If you want to remodel the home or run a business from the home, the municipality must give permission first. The sale will not go through if the permission is not given. 
  • Reservation on defects
    The sale will not go through if the repair costs of defects rise above a certain amount. 
  • Reservation on sale of own home
    The purchase will not go through if the owner-occupied home is not sold within certain time. 

It can happen that a property attracts so many interested parties that it is difficult for the seller to determine who is the best buyer. Often the decision is then made to give everyone a chance to make an offer. 

The property does not have to go to the highest bid; the seller determines which bid combined with what terms is the right offer. 

'Kosten koper' includes the transfer tax and notary fees (for drawing up the deed of delivery and registration in the Land Register). In addition, there may be notary fees for drawing up the mortgage deed. 

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