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"A professional appraisal report recognized by financial institutions is very important."

There are several reasons for which it is important to use appraisals to determine the correct value of a home. For example, when you want to sell your house or when you are about to buy a house. But also for determining the value in connection with obtaining a mortgage in case of purchase or renovation.

Appraising a property at the correct value is a profession in itself. There are many factors (for example, the current market situation, immediate surroundings, zoning plans but also the architectural construction and state of maintenance) that affect the value of the home.

Personal approach
"Super knowledgeable real estate agent with a nice team who are there for you. They really think with you and are open to working in a way that suits you as a client. No smooth talk, but a personal approach. And, within 1.5 weeks our house sold!"
Involved real estate agent
"Jelle is a super friendly, and above all involved realtor who pays all the time and attention needed for a sale like this. Your home is in very good hands with Ligtvoet!"
Specific and realistic
"Particularly pleasant contact, clear information, no bla bla or vague perspectives, but concrete and realistic about what to expect. From the whole team of Ligtvoet Makelaardij I felt supported and helped, everyone was always ready for advice and encouragement. The contact was pleasant, they showed to understand that I was uncertain about the sale of the house, about unexpected decisions I had to take and then I always had support and concrete help from the team. Very pleasant experience with an excellent sales result."
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Our approach



Personal guidance is key at Ligtvoet Makelaardij. We therefore find it very important to plan an acquaintance in which we get to know you and your purpose of the valuation.


On-site visit

After we are officially commissioned to perform the appraisal, we will gather all the necessary data and schedule an inspection visit to the home. During this visit, all the details of the home will be mapped out.


Appraisal report

Following our inspection, we prepare an appraisal report which you will receive. This includes the house value, durability, structural issues and points of improvement for value development.

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